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Training doctors for KansasThe Health Education Initiative
Training doctors for KansaDr. Francisco Chacon trained at KUs

Dr. Francisco Chacon trained at KU

The Health Education Initiative

Training more doctors for Kansas

The University of Kansas School of Medicine is the only medical school in Kansas and a premier institution for training primary care and rural physicians. To meet the state’s growing need for doctors, the school in 2011 opened a new campus in Salina and expanded its Wichita campus. Despite these efforts, Kansas still faces a crucial shortage of physicians.

To address this critical need, the University of Kansas will soon begin construction on a new Health Education Building in Kansas City. Once complete, the new facility will enable KU to train nearly 50 new doctors per year — and train them in the technologically advanced environment required by a modern healthcare curriculum.

“The University of Kansas is home to the state’s only school of medicine, which means we are uniquely positioned to address Kansas’ critical shortage of healthcare professionals,” said Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little. “This new building positions KU to address the state’s doctor shortage head-on and build healthier Kansas communities.”

Kansas' doctor shortage

39th: Kansas' national rank in doctors per capita

89: Kansas counties designated by KDHE as primary care health care provider shortage areas

285: New physicians needed each year for Kansas to rise to the national average of physicians per capita by 2030

213: New physicians needed each year for Kansas to maintain its current level of physicians per capita by 2030

30%: Percent of current physicians will be lost to retirement and other attrition over the next 10 years

Fact sheets

Below are fact sheets related to the Health Education Initiative and the healthcare services KU provides across the state. All fact sheets were updated in spring 2014.

Story ideas for Kansas media

KU has assembled dozens of news releases and story ideas to help Kansas media write about the Health Education Initiative and the state's physician shortage. Click here.

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