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Monthly Studio Portrait Sessions

By appointment only, a 10-15 minute portrait sitting can be scheduled during a monthly portrait day at the Wesley Building.

Studio portraits of GTAs, GRAs, researchers (w/o teaching appts) and other staff cost $30.00 each, payable with state funds by departmental check or interdepartmental fund transfer. No credit card and cash transactions are possible. Marcom will provide an invoice, payable 30 days.

Annual portraits of the following parties are free (allocated):

  • Faculty
  • Deans and directors
  • Communicators Group
  • Admissions reps
  • Offices of the Chancellor and Provost

To schedule a portrait sitting at the Wesley Building, call 785-864-3256 and ask for 'portrait scheduling.' Upcoming monthly portrait days in 2016 are:

  • Thurs., September 22: regular monthly portrait day
  • Wed.-Thurs., September 28-29: semi-annual faculty portrait event, off-site tba
  • Wed., October 5: alternate portrait day
  • Thurs., October 20: regular monthly portrait day
  • Wed., November 2: alternate portrait day
  • Thurs., November 17: regular monthly portrait day
  • Thurs., December 1: alternate portrait day
  • Thurs., December 15: regular monthly portrait day

What wardrobe, etc. is best?

Business or business casual attire with neutral grays or muted colors is best. It’s wise to consider or avoid:

  • Neon colors and bold prints/patterns, which tend to detract from one’s face.
  • Stark white or black values, which are often difficult to reproduce pleasingly.
  • Herringbone or other weaves with narrow lines, which may distort in a moiré pattern when displayed on a computer monitor.
  • Blouses with low necklines, which often make subjects appear barely (or not at all) dressed, when the photo is closely cropped.
  • Transitions®-type eyeglasses should be shielded from bright light for at least ten minutes, just prior to a portrait sitting,
  • For individuals with a dark complexion, consider choosing wardrobe items with middle-to-dark brightness values. This helps reduce excess contrast.
  • For individuals with a shiny complexion, consider consulting an aesthetician about the use of an astringent or properly tinted dulling powder.
  • Long necklaces and pendants may appear awkwardly cropped when the photo is re-purposed at a small size, such in departmental webpages.
  • Large, highly reflective jewelry may produce glare.


Marcom shares an electronic proof of a small series of frames. Each participant must select a single, preferred head-and-shoulders portrait. Marcom delivers a high-resolution jpeg suitable for printing and a low-resolution jpeg suitable for web publishing. The finished portrait includes standard retouching and color correction. Delivery time averages one-to-two weeks. The portrait is also archived by Marcom.

Directions to the Wesley Building

The Office of Marketing Communications (Marcom) is located in the Wesley Building at 1314 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, KS 66045. You can find us by visiting www.maps.ku.edu. From the Kansas Union, cross Jayhawk Boulevard, walk along the south edge of Smith Hall and face the entrance to the Wesley Building. Follow the signs to the Portrait Studio, down one flight of stairs. Please note that the Wesley Building does not have an elevator. Individuals with special needs should contact kuphotos@ku.edu about other options.

Other portrait styles or venues

Portrait styles other than head-and-shoulders, the use of props or special backgrounds and venues other than the Wesley Building studio require advance discussion, special scheduling and additional charges.

For information about other portrait opportunities, including portraits of faculty and staff, contact kuphotos@ku.edu or Doug Koch, Visual Assets Coordinator, at dmkoch@ku.edu and 785-864-8861.

Also see: http://publicaffairs.ku.edu/marketing/photo/portraits

Thank you, @KUVolleyball . ❤️💙

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