Katie McCurry

Senior Digital Strategist
Primary office:

Katie has 10 years of marketing and business development experience, but it’s obvious to those who know her that her passion and talents within the social media arena are what set her apart. She’s become an agile marketer and an authority within the ever-changing digital age.

Since joining KU, Katie has brought a high level of strategy, coordination, and analysis to KU’s social presence. She successfully produced a more efficient model for KU’s social strategy by building out a content calendar that focuses on objectives, engagement, and key metrics. She regularly consults with KU departments and school marketing teams to develop their social strategies. She advises on and executes paid social marketing strategies by dictating, tracking, and monitoring digital campaigns and advertisements using Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She overhauled KU’s Google analytics and designed an account structure based on an enterprise model that allows a more holistic view of the KU domain and provides partners with greater control and ownership over their own site's data. She’s brought a distinct, engaging, and recognizable personality to KU’s social presence. It’s also led to work that has been recognized by Adweek, Advertising Age, and SocialMediaforColleges.com.

In her experience, Katie has developed comprehensive social media plans and content for such organizations as Middle of the Map Festival, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the American Advertising Federation – Kansas City, and Social Media Club of Kansas City. She’s also unlocked the achievement: GIF Master.

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