KU Acronyms

Acronym Meaning
1290PE Local Bargaining Unit of LiUNA representing service/maintenance staff
2XB Applicant Tracking system – IBM cloud software
2XO Onboarding system – IBM cloud software
A&R Accounts & Reports - Payroll in Topeka, reports to DOA
AAAS African & African-American Studies
AAI Achievement and Assessment Institute
AAP Academic Accelerator Program (also KUAAP)
AAU Association of American Universities
AAUP American Association of University Professors
ABS Applied Behavioral Sciences
ACA Affordable Care Act - federal
ACAD American Conference of Academic Deans
ACE American Council on Education
ACHE American College of Health Care Executives
ACORB Advisory Council on Retirement & Benefits
AD Associate Dean
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act - federal
AFT American Federation of Teachers – labor union representing GTAs & Public Safety
AMS American Studies
ANTH Anthropology
APA American Psychological Association
APLU Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
ARSP Area of Responsibility – budgetary designation of campus divisions (3 & 5 digit)
AVP Associate Vice Provost
BI Biodiversity Institute
BIOF Computational Biology Program
BOR Board of Regents (Kansas)
BTBC Bioscience & Technology Business Center
C&D Chairs and Directors
C&I Curriculum and Instruction
CAC College Academic Council
CASS College Advising and Student Services
CCAPT Committee on Apppointments Promotion & Tenure
CCAS Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences
CCPP Clinical Child Psychology Program
CEAS Cntr. For East Asian Studies
CEBC Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis
CECD Committee on Evaluation of Chairs and Directors
CGIS Cntr. For Global & International Studies
CGS Committee on Graduate Studies
CHEM Chemistry
CIO Chief Information Officer (for IT)
CIP CIP code -- Classification of Instructional Program
CLACS Cntr. For Latin American & Caribbean Studies
CLASAB College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Advisory Board
CLP Child Language Doctoral Program
CLS Committee on Sabbatical Leaves
CLSX Classics
Co-PI Co-Primary Investigator (for Grants)
COBO Council of Business Officers - Regents Financial Officers
COBRA Consolidated Budget Reconciliation Act
COBRE Center of Biomedical Research Excellence
COGA College Office of Graduate Affairs
COI Conflict of Interest
COMS Communication Studies
COPS Council of Presidents – Regents Presidents
CPM Certified Public Manager
CREES Cntr. For East European & Eurasian Studies
CREF College Retirement Equities Fund
CReSIS Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets
CRINC Center for Research, Inc. – former name of Research Office
CRMDA Cntr. For Research Methods & Data
CTE Center for Teaching Excellence
CUPA-HR College & University Professional Association for Human Resources
CUSA Committee on Undergraduate Studies and Advising
DAE Differential Allocation of Effort
DANC Dance
DCM Design and Contruction Management (old name)
DEEP Documenting Effective Educational Practices
DEI Diversity Equity and Inclusion
DEMIS Departmental Executive Management Information System
DMO Dental Maintenance Organization
DMS Digital Media Services
DOA Department of Administration for State of Kansas
DOL Department of Labor – State of Kansas and Federal office
DPO Data Protection Officer (Privacy Policy)
DPR Degree Progress Report (formerly ARTS Form)
DPS Department of Personnel Services
DWI (grade of) D, Withdrawl or Incomplete
EAB Educaitonal Advisory Board
EALC East Asian Languages & Cultures
EAP Employee Assistance Program
eCert Effort Certification
ECON Economics
EEB Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - federal
EGARC Ermal Garinger Acad. Res. Cntr.
ENGL English
ENVS Environmental Studies
EOM Employee of the Month
EPSCoR Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
ER20A HR Guidance/Counseling Form – former USS disciplinary form
ER20B HR Report of Misconduct Form – former USS disciplinary form
ERC Employee Recognition Committee
ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act
EUROS European Studies
F&A Facilities and Administrative Costs (Research)
FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act – federal
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FERPA Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act - federal
FFIT French, Francophone, and Italian Studies
FITC Financials in the Cloud
FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act - federal
FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act - federal
FMS Film and Media Studies
FMS Financial Management Systems
FTS Financial System Transformation
GAS Geography & Atmospheric Science
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (Privacy Policy/Research)
GEOL Geology
GERM Germanic Languages & Literatures
GERON Gerontology
GHI Group Health Insurance
GIST Global and International Studies
GPA Grade Point Average
GRA/GTA/GA Graduate Research Assistant/Graduate Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant
GRF General Research Fund
HA History of Art
HBC Higuchi Biosciences Center
HCH Hall Center for the Humanities
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - federal
HIPPA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIPs High Impact Practices
HIST History
HLC Higher Learning Commission
HNR University Honors Program
HR Human Resources
HR/Pay Human Resource Management System (PeopleSoft/Oracle) – current name for personnel system
HRIS Human Resource Information System - old personnel system in 1995; currently name of list serv used by HRM for HR contacts in campus units
HRM Human Resource Management (formerly HR)
HRM Human Resource Management
HRMS Human Resource Management System – old personnel system prior to 1995
HUM Humanities
IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IBER Institute for Bioengineering Research (formerly BERC)
IDRH Inst. For Digital Research in Humanities
ILS Institute for Leadership Studies
IOA Institutional Opportunity and Access
IOA Office of Institutional Opportunity & Access
IPEDS Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data Sets
IPSR Institute for Policy & Social Research
IRB Institutional Review Board (Research/Human Subjects)
ISB Interdisciplinary Sciences Building
ISP Indigenous Studies
IT Information Technology
IT Information Technology
ITTC Information and Telecommunication Technology Center
JEWST Jewish Studies
KAPE Kansas Association of Public Employees – old name for AFT
KARL Kansas Applied Research Lab
KARS Kansas Applied Remote Sensing – affiliated w/ Engineering
KASC Kansas African Studies Center
KBOR Kansas Board of Regents
KBOR Kansas Board of Regents
KBS Kansas Biological Survey
KDHR Kansas Dept of Human Resources
KGS Kansas Geo Survey
KGS Kansas Geological Survey
KHERS Kansas Higher Education Reporting System
KHRC Kansas Human Rights Commission - state
KORA Kansas Open Records Act
KPERS Kansas Public Employhees Retirement System
KUAA KU Alumni Association
KUCE KU Continuing Education
KUCR KU Center for Research
KUCR Kansas University Center for Research – prior name for Research Office
KUCTC KU Center for Technology and Commercialization
KUEA KU Endowment Association
KUEC KU Edwards Campus
KUMC KU Medical Center
KUPOA Kansas University Police Officers Association - Local Bargaining Unit of KAPE/AFT representing police and security officers in Public Safety Office
LING Linguistics
LiUNA Laborer International Union of North America – Labor Union representing service/maintenance staff
LM Learning Management Module of Talent Development System – Success Factors cloud software
LMS Learning Management System
LSI Life Span Insitutute
LTC Long Term Care – insurance for nursing home/in come care
LWOP Leave Without Pay
MATH Mathematics
MB Molecular Biosciences
MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
MFD Multi Function Device
MRC Multicultural Resource Center
MSP Multicultural Scholars Program
MTL Multi-term Lecturer
MUSE Museum Studies
NACUA National Association of University Attorneys
NACUBO National Association of College & University Business Officers
NEA National Ednowment for the Arts
NFGRF New Faculty General Research Fund
NIH National Institutes of Health
NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
NRC National Research Council
NSA National Security Agency
NSF National Science Foundation
NSSE National Survey of Student Engagement
OAC Oracle Analytics Cloud
OFCCP Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs - federal
OGL Optional Group Life
OIRP Office of Institutional Research and Planning
OMA Office of Multicultural Affairs
OOE Other Operating Expenses
OOE Other Operating Expenses
OSHA Occupational Health and Safety Administration – federal
OWA Outlook Web Application
P-14 HR Form to Recommend Disciplinary Action for USS
PBCS Budgeting Cloud Services
PCR Provost's Conference Room
PHIL Philosophy
PHSX Physics and Astronomy
PI Primary Investigator (for Grants)
PIP Performan Improvement Plan
PM Performance Management Module of Talent Development System – Success Factors cloud software
PMS Performance Management System
POLS Political Science
POP Professor of the Practice
PRO Professional Record Online
PRS Personnel Related Staff – at KU
PSO Public Safety Office
PSYC Psychology
PtR Post-tenure Review
PTTR Progress Toward Tenure Review
RA Retirement Annuity – called TSA here
REF Research Excellence Fund
RELS Religious Studies
REU Research Experiences for Undergraduates
RI Research Integrity
ROI Return on Investment
SAS Student Academic Services (old name for CASS)
SB Staff Benefits
SF Success Factors – SAP software vendor of Talent Development system
SILC Student Involvement and Leadership Center
SLAV Slavic Languages & Literatures
SLLC School of Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
SOC Sociology
SOTA School of the Arts
SPA Sponsored Program Accounting – Grant Accounting located in Office of Research
SPAA School of Public Affairs & Admin.
SPAN Spanish & Portuguese
SPLH Speech-Language-Hearing
SSC Shared Service Center
SSC Shared Service Center
STEM Cntr. for STEM Learning
STEP Supervisory Training for Excellence in Performance
TEA Teachers and Employees Association – provides OGL and LTC insurance
TEFRA Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 – Benefits form for those turning 65 - federal
THR Theatre
TIAA Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America
TORP Tertiary Oil Recovery Project – KU, affiliated w/ Engineering
TOT Training of Trainers
TSA Tax Sheltered Annuity
UAC University Advising Center
UBUD University Budget System (web-based)
UCC University Career Center
UCDP University Committee on Distinguished Professorships
UCI Unemployment Compensation Insurance
UCPT University Committee on Promotion & Tenure
UG Bio Human Biology/Undergrad. Biology
UP Urban Planning
UPS Unclassified Professional Staff
UPS Unclassified Professional Staff
USERRA Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act - federal
USS University Support Staff
USS University Support Staff – formerly classified, civil service staff
VA Visual Arts
VC Vice Chancellor
VEVRAA Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act – federal
VP Vice Provost
VSA Voluntary System of Accountability
VTSA Voluntary Tax Sheltered Annuity – also referred to as GSRA
WC Workers’ Compensation
WGSS Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

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