Brown Bag Webinar Series

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Attract More Students by Including Lightcast Career Outcomes Data

Chris Gregory, Chief Marketing Officer
March 20, 2024

No Signature? No Problem! Best Practices for Unit Identity & KU Visual Identity Guidelines

Lauren Erickson, Director of Marketing
February 21, 2024

Capturing More Academic Prospects: Adding Slate Forms to Your Webpage

Dan Perkins, Director of Communications & Recruitment Systems, Enrollment Management
December 13, 2023

Evaluating Your Communication's Effectiveness: Using Urchin Tracking Modules (UTMs)

Chris Gregory, Chief Marketing Officer
November 15, 2023

Pitching Faculty Experts and More

Erinn Barcomb-Peterson, Director of KU News Service
October 18, 2023

SEO Essentials: Building Your Webpages to Attract Visitors

Chris Gregory, Chief Marketing Officer
September 20, 2023