Studio Portraits

Portrait Event Dates

Spring, 2023 - Location/time TBD

Portrait Eligibility

KU community members who are eligible for portraits are listed below and include:

  • New faculty at posted walk-in portrait events
  • Current faculty, deans, directors at semi-annual walk-in portrait events
  • Subjects of national news stories released by KU News
  • National scholarship recipients supported by the University Honors Program

As of July 1, 2017, Marketing will no longer produce studio portraits of Lawrence campus staff and students on a cost-recovery basis. We regret that the requirements of a service center are not scalable at our current level of operation and staffing. As part of our office charter, we’ll continue to photograph faculty during annual and semi-annual portrait events, though monthly portrait events will cease.

Departments in need of staff portraits should consider hiring a local freelance photographer.

Marketing regrets the inconvenience of using an off-campus source and appreciates your past patronage, patience, and understanding. 

Guidelines for Professional Head-and-Shoulder Portraits

  • Business or business casual attire with neutral grays or muted colors is best.
  • Neon colors and bold prints/patterns tend to detract from one’s face.
  • Stark white or black values are often difficult to reproduce pleasingly.
  • Herringbone or other weaves with narrow lines may distort in a moiré pattern when displayed on a computer monitor.
  • Blouses with low necklines often make subjects appear barely (or not at all) dressed, when the photo is closely cropped.
  • For individuals with a dark complexion, consider choosing wardrobe items with middle-to-dark brightness values. This helps reduce excess contrast.
  • For individuals with a shiny complexion, consider consulting an aesthetician about the use of an astringent or properly tinted dulling powder.
  • Transitions®-type eyeglasses should be shielded from bright light for at least ten minutes just prior to a portrait sitting.
  • Large, highly reflective jewelry may produce glare, and long necklaces may be pointless if the photo is cropped/re-sized for a departmental webpage.


For additional questions contact  Thank you.