The University of Kansas is one of the nation's leading education and research institutions and an engine of economic growth for the state of Kansas. The university enrolls more than 28,000 students across five campuses, including the KU Medical Center's three locations, and fulfills it mission in conjunction with affiliate organizations such as Kansas Athletics, KU Endowment, and KU Alumni Association.

KU Revenues

Twenty years ago, state appropriations made up 34 percent of KU's revenues. Since then, state funding for higher education has declined dramatically, and today state funding comprises only 18 percent of KU's revenues. This has created upward pressure on tuition and fees, which are now KU's largest source of revenue.

A pie chart detailing KU's revenue breakdown, including 24% from tuition, 18% from state appropriations, 21% from grants and contracts, 3% from non-operating federal grants & local appropriations, 11% from sales and services, 13% from auxiliaries, and 10% from gifts/capital grants/other revenues