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Guidelines for interactions with government officials

Dear Colleagues:

The Kansas Legislature and the United States Congress both reconvened this month, making this the perfect time to remind you of our policies and procedures regarding interactions between the University of Kansas and government officials.

The Office of Public Affairs leads government relations activities for the university at the state, federal and local levels. Public Affairs advances the university’s interests by serving as the liaison between elected officials and KU and by advocating directly in support of the university’s legislative priorities as directed by the chancellor. This type of coordination ensures the university speaks with a common voice and complies with state and federal laws concerning lobbying and advocacy.

As a general rule, all KU administrators, faculty and staff should check in with Public Affairs before engaging with an elected or appointed government official to represent the university or for discussing university business. Additionally, if you are contacted directly by a legislator or agency on a university matter – as often happens during the Kansas legislative session – you should contact Public Affairs.

If you are contacted by a government official not as a KU spokesperson on university business but as an expert in your academic field, we would still be happy to provide assistance and would appreciate being notified of the interaction. Contacting our office is only a courtesy to allow us to track KU interactions with the legislature and is not intended to interfere with the exchange of ideas.

Public Affairs can also help you schedule appointments with members of Congress, Kansas legislators and representatives from government agencies. Additionally, we are available to help you prepare testimony requested by committees of Congress or the Kansas Legislature.

We are happy to make ourselves available to assist you. Depending on the area of government you are engaging, please contact:

The abovementioned policies and procedures do not impede your ability to participate in the political process as a private citizen. You are absolutely encouraged to be an active contributor to our democracy, provided you do so on your own personal time, using your own personal (non-KU) resources -- including email -- and in a way that makes clear you are not speaking on behalf of the university. Additional information can be found in the university’s Policy Library.

We look forward to working with you.


Timothy C. Caboni
Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs

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