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Taking precautions during cold weather

The National Weather Service is forecasting extremely cold weather for the coming days, with temperatures staying below freezing and lows at or below zero degrees. With this in mind, please plan accordingly and take precautions when coming to and from campus.

Reminder to vote in November 8 general election

As a leading public research university, the University of Kansas is committed to encouraging members of our community to participate in elections. With this in mind, we are writing to remind you of tomorrow’s general election in the state of Kansas.

Register to vote for the general election in Kansas by Oct. 18

As a leading research university, the University of Kansas is committed to ensuring that members of our community are able to exercise their right to vote and participate in elections. The upcoming Nov. 8 general election in Kansas is another opportunity to foster this kind of civic engagement. 

Voter registration deadline for primary election is Tuesday, July 12

Voting is one of our most fundamental responsibilities as citizens, and as a leading research university, part of KU’s mission is to foster civic engagement. The upcoming Aug. 2 primary election is an excellent opportunity to model that kind of democratic participation.

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